McCain is expected to lose the election tomorrow, and the NYT's penultimate campaign article makes it sounds as if he's suffering a serious case of senioritis. He passes the time on his campaign bus with his young friends Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham, telling his favorite Henny Youngman "Take my wife, please" jokes. Who but our grandpa LOLs at borscht-belt comedians? And then there's his current regimen: "During the day he gets almost no exercise, eats the candy and junk food strewn all over his bus, and naps slumped in his seat in the curtained-off front section of his plane." Sounds exactly like Gramps—but don't be fooled by appearances. McCain is only executing the last-ditch secret "Sad Grandpa" plan he was supposedly joking about on SNL this weekend. After the jump, see the sketch.