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New Yorkers aren't exactly shy about their fondness for Botox. But if a woman isn't prepared to spill her beauty secrets—or you suspect she's lying to you—there are some clues to indicate whether she's an addict.

Look out for tell-tale "bunny lines." They're "horizontal wrinkles that form across the ridge of the nose" that become obvious when Botoxed beauties smile with their otherwise (suspiciously) smooth faces. Having problems visualizing? Just think of Nicole Kidman's annoying nose twitch in Bewitched (if you were one of the eight people who saw it). Or look at Renee Zellweger's face when she attempts to eek out a grin. Or just picture someone who seems like they have to sneeze really badly. But you can probably assume there's an enterprising dermatologist out there already looking into a solution to hide this pesky side effect. (MF)

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