Twilight star Robert Pattinson is our kind of teen idol: the sort of guy who calls his chest hair "early pubes" and stumbles out of Crown Bar at 1:45 am, unshaven, bleary-eyed and slurring. Most young girls prefer their locker-room pinups to be clean and unthreatening, but Pattinson doesn't quite fit that mold, and at an appearance last night in New York (where the actor was greeted with Beatles-worthy shrieking), he seemed determined to push his young fans' tolerance of the scruffy, Silver Lake aesthetic as far as it would go:

The audience, made up mostly of screaming girls, went nuts when Pattinson showed up, shrieking "I love you" to the British thespian. Pattinson responded with a bemused "thank you" to very boisterous declarations of adoration, but told the ladies he's no polished hunk. "I haven't washed my hair in about six weeks," said Pattinson, 22. "It's disgusting." Is he anything like Edward Cullen, the bloodsucker who feeds on animals rather than humans? "I have an incredible six-pack. I'm joking," cracked Pattinson.

A nation of greasy fifteen-year-old boys thanks you, Robert, even if the shampoo and deodorant industry does not. Still, that "six-pack"? Not necessarily antithetical to the homeless chic persona — just ask Trader Joe's-era Colin Farrell! [Photo Credit: Getty Images]