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Did someone really think it would be a good idea to have Katie Couric dress up in various ball gowns for the socialite rag Avenue? Apparently so!

Looking sexy is not my goal when I'm at work. In fact, I find it disconcerting when anchors on cable look like they're going clubbing or just won a VMA award. I have nothing against them, but it's kind of an over-sexualization that I find a little weird. I don't know if their male bosses are pushing it, but there's a fine line between attractive and tarty, and sometimes I look up and and think, "She's wearing a cocktail dress. Why is she doing that?"

Ironically, "Why is she doing that?" is exactly the same question we had, too, as we looked at the photos of bejeweled anchor and read the accompanying interview conducted by renowned journalist Mariska Hargitay. [Avenue]