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• Are Beyoncé and Jay-Z making plans to have a baby? Perhaps. In a recent interview, Jay "let it slip that procreating is high on the duo's priority list right now." [NYDN]
• Madonna seems to be taking the next step with boyfriend Jesus Luz. She's reportedly jetting to Brazil to meet Luz's parents, including his mom who happens to be fifteen years younger than Madonna. This shouldn't be awkward at all! [Sun]
• Michael Lohan hasn't been sharing his daughter's dramatic phone calls with the world out of the goodness of his heart. He apparently first tried to sell them to various TV networks for $100,000, but ended up striking a deal with Radar, which has Gosselin giving them up for free but getting paid for an interview. Meanwhile, the latest Lohan phone call has been released. [P6, Radar]

Jennifer Lopez has brought a multimillion dollar lawsuit against her first husband, Ojani Noa, who wants to release a tell-all movie showing more than 11 hours of unseen home movie footage which includes "sexual situations." The only wrinkle in his plan? He supposedly signed a confidentiality agreement with JLo a few years ago. [TMZ]
• The last news you ever expected—or wanted—to read in a fashion magazine like Elle: Sarah Jessica Parker loves the smell of dirty diapers, even "when they're wet and you smell them all warm like a baked good," she tells the magazine in its December issue. [Us]
• While partying in LA, Rihanna received a $10,000 bottle of champagne from New York Jets receiver Braylon Edwards and some of his teammates, but since she doesn't accept champagne from strangers—and since she didn't know who he was—she sent it back. Maybe she's a Giants fan? [P6]
• In other Rihanna news, last week, the singer spoke to Diane Sawyer about her abusive relationship with Chris Brown and, among other things, said that his apology video sounded like he might have been reading off a teleprompter. Now Brown has responded, releasing a statement to MTV saying, "I maintain my position that all of the details should remain a private matter between us." [TMZ, Us]
• The divorce of Usher and his wife of two years, Tameka Raymond, has been finalized. [People]
Gisele Bundchen may be eight months pregnant, but that doesn't mean she's put on any baby weight. Because she hasn't, really. [NYDN]
• Taylor Swift wrote a song for her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live this weekend. In it, she joked about her breakup with Joe Jonas; she blew a kiss to supposed boyfriend Taylor Lautner; and she even addressed the whole Kanye West scandal, too. [Us, NYDN]
• Has Steven Tyler quit Aerosmith? It's unclear. [TMZ]
• An "amateur paparazzo" snapping James Gandolfini while he was shopping on Jane Street had his camera smacked out of his hands when the former Soprano got tired of the picture-taking. The photographer called it "abuse"; a friend of Gandolfini says the guy was a "stalker" and had been following him for an hour. [P6]
• Britney Spears was slammed by critics in Australia for lip-synching on her Circus tour. Now, John Mayer, never one able to restrain himself from Twitter, has tweeted about it. [Radar, People]
• Jon Gosselin is now doing yoga. In a tank top. And it isn't pretty. [Us]
• In other Gosselin news, Michael Lohan has been subpoenaed to testify in the TLC/Gosselin breach-of-contract lawsuit. [TMZ]
• If you haven't gotten enough of the Jackson family in recent months, you can watch their reality show miniseries on A&E, which is set to air on December 13th. [MSNBC]