A new book is coming out called Franz Kafka: The Office Writings. Whoa, did Kafka experience the uncertainty of layoffs, and that annoying co-worker who keeps popping his head over the cubicle partition? As Bookninja put it, "Kafkaesque bureaucratic bewilderment existed pre-Kafka." The dark insect-loving Metamorphosis author used to be a lawyer, and this will be a collection of "Kafka's most interesting professional writings" of that time, including exciting legalese such as "Measures for Preventing Accidents from Wood-Planing Machines (1910)". This on the heels of his recently-discovered porn stash... the mind reels."His office work leeched on his time and energy as a writer, and yet his writing sucked blood and guts out of office life," it's noted on Zoilus. "It is like we get to see Franz Kafka playing Don Draper (cf. Mad Men)." As a commenter on that blog aptly put it,

"I'm kind of excited about this but there's something deeply perverse about it too. To exhaust every last piece of text, down to office correspondence, produced by a man who explicitly wanted his literary legacy burnt makes it seem like they're deliberately trying to torment his ghost..."