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You've heard about the proposed "botax," haven't you, the tax some members of Congress would like to impose on cosmetic surgical procedures to pay for a health care bill? Plastic surgeons aren't too happy about it, and one even took to the streets yesterday to make his voice heard.

Alas, only "a handful" of people turned up to Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg's mini-protest in Times Square yesterday, who attended the event with a sign that read "Washington leave our boobs alone. We're going to go ahead and assume that once some attention-seeking shock jock takes notice of this very important political issue—the right of all women to have double-D breasts, free of interference from Washington—the protests should start attracting more of a crowd.

Protesters angry over 'botax' plan to add tax on all elective cosmetic surgery, including boob jobs [NYDN]