Ted Turner: simultaneously a crazy old coot and a totally awesome and admirable ex-media mogul! The CNN founder is out promoting his new autobiography, which gives him a chance to go on and on and on about his pet grudge, the scalawags at Time Warner who blew up his fortune by merging with AOL. Dude, it was only seven billion. Let it go! Here he is on David Letterman talking about how CNN sucks these days, without him, Ted Turner, around. Ted, we sincerely want you to come back, you crazy, crazy wild man. It would be great for us. He was also interviewed at the Time/Life building today, where he talked about nothing but how much Time Warner sucks (and prairie dogs):

"How many people lost money on their Time Warner stock?" Many hands went up. "How many people think I could've done a worse job than the management did? I got asked that question last night and I said I don't think I could've done any worse, that's for sure."

Jeff Bercovici also made sure to quote the following, not that he was trying to imply anything:

Turner defended groudhogs against the calumny that they are a danger to cows, who stumble into their burrow holes. "Cows don't fall in the holes. That's a bunch of beans."

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