As if life isn't depressing enough for Hillary Clinton right now, when everyone from the president elect on down seems to be giving her the cold shoulder, now the former Democratic presidential candidate has to contend with the warm, unfortunate embrace of Sarah Palin. Palin said in part two of Greta Van Susteren's interminable interview that Clinton broke the glass ceiling for her Republican vice presidential run. Then she remembered that Hillary lost, so she amended her statement to say Clinton just bloodied her head against the glass ceiling, apparently so a social conservative whose looks earned her outsized press attention could complain about the media's "double standard."

Watch Palin talk about her inevitable future political rival/running mate, and sexism, in the video above. Below, the Alaska governor talks about how she interpreted Katie Couric's questions about what newspapers and magazines she reads, and makes another dubious claim about why Alaska is a hotbed of international activity.