Earlier today we told you how oft-sued American Apparel chief Dov Charney is being sued again—this time by Roberto Hernandez, an ex-AA employee who says he was fired from his IT job in 2006 after he refused Dov Charney's request to cook the books to make the company look more financially attractive. His complaint also includes descriptions of AA as a pervy workplace where Charney held staff meetings in the nude. But there's a new development: a source at AA has just sent us a statement that they say Hernandez himself wrote in August, 2006 defending Dov Charney from an earlier lawsuit, contradicting some of same allegations that Hernandez himself is now making: According to our source, Hernandez wrote this statement in 2006—just three months before he was fired—to counter the allegations of Mary Nelson, who sued Dov claiming sexual harassment. Hernandez defends the work environment at AA:

In his final paragraph, he decries people who sue successful businessmen:

This is, plainly, embarrassing for Hernandez, since he could be accused of doing the same thing now that he condemned then. But it should be noted that this statement was written when he was an AA employee, and presumably wanted to keep the bosses happy. It also doesn't make any references to the central allegation of Hernandez's suit, which is that Charney was trying to cook the books. Still, it's something he'll be forced to explain away in court.