It's true, as we reported this morning, that the the liberal prank group The Yes Men was behind today's spoof left-utopian Times. But there were so many more commie pinkos involved in the plot! The cabal sent out a press release tonight, revealing that their ranks include the Yes Men, protest group Code Pink (which disrupted the Republican National Convention and fought Marine Corps recruiting), Improv Everywhere (they did that tear-jerking little league thing), Anti Advertising Agency (the ad-sticker people) and a few others we're less familiar with. They want to make the headlines come true! So cute. After the jump, read the press release and find out which of their claims is being disputed by the Times.

The Times is covering the prank on page C7 of tomorrow's paper. The newspaper seems to be taking the spoof issue in reasonably good humor, but does note that the pranksters' stated 1.2 million circulation is higher than that of the real Times and is otherwise " suspect, if only because of the printing costs that would be involved."

We bet the paper is going to look eerily prescient in July — for accurately predicting a 14-page Times print edition.