Interested in serving in the president-elect's cabinet, or some other high-ranking capacity? Obama has 63 questions he'd like you to answer, quite possibly the most extensive vetting process in White House history. In addition to listing everything embarrassing or controversial that's ever happened to you, which must be pretty standard from administration to administration, or whether anyone in your family owns a gun, there are all sorts of exciting internet-related inquiries. Has anything been written about you, online, ever? You basically have to send all your Google results. Obama's team will also need anything you've ever written online, including fake names (see excerpt above). More exciting demands after the jump!

Ever written anything embarrassing in your diary, or controversial in an instant message? Right, of course you have, that's the point of diaries and IM messages, isn't it? So go ahead and send that in, too!

Also, everything on a Google search for you:

The Obama transition team is basically asking for a paper copy of the entire internet. Not because it expects to actually get one, but because the first test for a federal official is whether he can come up with a sane, narrow response to a seemingly absurd request, and to steer clear of controversy while being asked controversial questions. Congress and the government bureaucracy will eat him alive, otherwise.

Good luck on your first snowjobs, Obama people!