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Jets owner Woody Johnson says he's endured a "brutal couple of weeks" since learning of the death of his troubled (and estranged) daughter, Casey Johnson.

So how is he holding up and reconciling his recent loss with the fact the Jets are having a tremendous season?

It's two different worlds. That's the way you can handle it. One really doesn't help the other. The other is reality—I lost a daughter. There's no way to bring her back. But with the team, Rex (Ryan) is doing amazing things for the franchise, for the New York Jets, for the city of New York. You see it, you feel it. I've never seen anything like it...

It's like Horatio Alger. Nobody believes you can do it, except we believe we can do it. We have that mindset. You see that in teams. You saw that in our Super Bowl team (in 1969). Nobody thought we could do it then. But this is a great perspective for us.

He's hanging in there, in other words.

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