Did you think That One would need to be sworn in before he started breaking promises, to children, in front of TV cameras? It was all right there in front of Steve Kroft's face on 60 Minutes tonight, but he just smiled, from the tank. The "emotive" Associated Press, though, noticed Obama changed his tune on the show: The president-elect promised his daughters in his victory speech that a new puppy was "coming with us to the White House." Yet all of a sudden on 60 Minutes it's coming only after Obama gets "settled" in the White House — "late winter, early spring." Watch hope get sucker-punched, after the jump.

It took Obama less than two weeks to change his puppy promise date by several months. A barking outrage! Not that the lapdogs in the Main Stream Media will sniff out the truth. But Roger Ailes will surely sic his Fox News hounds all over this story, and getting caught in a lie this early is bound to dog Obama somehow. Maybe it's time fur a landmark speech on pet-White House relations?