Obama's plan to have a cabinet full of politico-celebrity superstars is turning out to be the least successful Obama plan ever. Already, Al Gore and Colin Powell have taken themselves out of consideration. That was a major emotional blow, because they are both known to get the party started right. And now former Time Warner chief Dick Parsons, one of the most successful black men in corporate America (by some standards), has taken himself out of consideration too. And he wasn't even asked!

"Parsons is keeping his exuberance in check. He said he'll 'most likely' come down for the inauguration, but not move to work for the administration. 'Highly unlikely,' he said with a grin. 'I'm a New Yorker.'"

Oh well that's just great Dick Parsons, we weren't so enthusiastic about having you anyhow. [HERE WE HAVE A PICTURE OF THE TWX STOCK CHART DURING HIS REIGN:]

Parsons wasn't even in the top five names in the mythical Obama administration wannabe flowchart, so it's not a great loss. Hopefully the other two default Successful Black Men in Corporate America That People Have Heard Of will be more willing to listen. [WP]