Pat Buchanan is defending Hillary Clinton, the Guardian is scooping on U.S. political news, and now this, perhaps the ultimate WTF moment in media this week: Lefty, anti-corporate folksinger Ani DiFranco performed two songs for Wall Street Journal editorial staff today, right before deadline, we hear. "Weird time to be a biz reporter," one staffer at the conservative business newspaper Twittered. The setlist?

DiFranco played a song about Barack Obama! Also, something off her newest album. Owner Rupert Murdoch was not around, probably because he ran home to get his tie-die and water pipe and got caught in traffic, or so we like to imagine. We also like to imagine DiFranco acoustically reformed some of those right-wing vulgarians on the editorial page, but we'll settle for the folksinger stealing some column inches in Weekend Journal from one of those wretched articles on how to buy a private jet or whatever. It's not clear how large DiFranco's audience was or where, exactly, her performance took place, but newsroom staff could hear it.