How convenient that former $2,000 an hour girl Natalie McLennan's escorting memoir is being released tomorrow, hot on the heels of Spitzer escort Ashley Dupre's tearful Dianne Sawyer interview! Sometimes, it's just synergy, sometimes it's just luck. Kind of like the time a website sprung up "accusing" her of ratting out her former friend/call girl comrade Ashley Dupre to law enforcement officials, which resulted in a nice Page Six item. (The guest column a few days later was gravy.) For someone who's in a line of work that makes publicity dangerous, McLennan has always known how to work the press; she made the cover of New York magazine in 2005. Now that her book is finally out pretty much the only thing anyone cares about is the Ashley Dupre stuff. So, what does it say? Well. Frankly, it's mostly pornographic! So if you're offended by hottt XXX lesbian action, please do not click here.

"As much as Ashley was growing on me, I tried to keep an eye out for girls who were stealing clients from the agency... But this girl knew how to play the game. She knew the better she was to the agency, the more money she would make. I knew part of the reason she was hanging out with me so much was exactly for that reason, and I was okay with that. I think we would have been friends anyway...

Ashley and I were amazing together. I loved her body. She wasn't skinny at all, you'd never feel like you could break her, but she didn't have any fat on her body. She wasn't noticeably muscular either—she had a naturally gorgeous frame and shape. The only thing I didn't love were her breasts. She had implants, and I didn't think they were the greatest. She told me she got them when she was sixteen. That shocked me. I felt like such a foreigner. What's more American than fake tits at sixteen?

When I saw Ashley's pussy, I was overcome with the need to lick it, to devour it. And when I did, I didn't want to stop—she tasted so sweet. Ashley was at that point when girl meets woman, and it's spectacular. I had to stop before I wanted to. I couldn't be selfish as there was a client in the room.

...When Ashley and I arrived back at the loft, I took Jason aside immediately. I said, 'You've got to book this girl. She has the most beautiful coochie I've ever seen.'

Jason wanted details. I struggled to find the words. Pink, small, pretty? How do you describe the perfect flower or sunset?"