Last weekend, around 60 entrepreneurs under age 35 flew to Cancun for a retreat informally dubbed Summit Series. CNET reporter Caroline McCarthy was one of the press attendees who agreed not to name names. Nice try. The list of attendees identified below includes Dave Morin from Facebook, Joe Green who roomed with Mark Zuckerberg in college, and Sam Lessin who just got back from lip-dubbing Journey at Camp Cyprus. Tony Hsieh just laid off 8 percent of his Zappos staff. Ex-Googler Chris Sacca may or may not be rich, but I'm jealous of him anyway.Dustin Moskowitz, Facebook co-founder with Mark Zuckerberg Tony Hsieh, Zappos, CEO Sam Lessin,, CEO and co-founder Chris Sacca, Venture Investor and former Google BD/M&A Michael Chasen, Blackboard, CEO and co-founder Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon, CEO Jud Bowman, Motricity, CEO Jia Shen, RockYou CTO and co-founder Duke Chung, Parature, CEO and co-founder Josh Abramson,, co-founder Ricky Van Veen,, co-founder Kamo Asatryan, LOLapps, CEO Catherine Levene, DailyCandy, COO Ben Leventhal, Curbed, Founder Ben Lerer and Adam Rich, Thrillist Founders David Karp, Tumblr, Founder Ben Kaufman, Kluster, Founder Lin Miao, Tatto Media, CEO and Founder Sean Mills, The Onion, President Kevin Colleran, FaceBook, Director of Media Sales Dave Morin, FaceBook, Platform Manager Josh Spear, Undercurrent, co-founder Shawn Fanning, Napster, co-founder Nikki Laffel, Gotta Mentor co-founder Tim Ferris, Author and Entrepreneur Charles Forman, Iminlikewithyou, founder Maggie Grace, Actress on LOST Joe Green, Casuses, Founder David Hauser, GotVmail co-founder Scott Harrison, Charity: Water, Founder Graham Hill, Treehugger, CEO and Founder Joel Holland, Footage Firm, CEO and Founder Rob Jewell, SocialCash, CEO and Founder Brian Monahan, People Search Media, co-founder Mike Mothner, Wpromote, CEO and founder Blake Mycoskie, Toms, CEO and founder Liane Mullin, Modelinia, President and co-founder Summer Rayne Oakes, Supermodel and Entrepreneur Josh Peterson, Adteractive, President Hilary Rowland, Hilary Magazine, Founder Keith Richman,, CEO James Siminoff, Phonetag, CEO and founder Alex Zhardanovsky and Joseph Speiser, Epic Advertising, Founders Eric Stotz, Karma Foundation, President and CEO Neil Vogel, Webby Awards, CEO and co-founder