It was only a matter of time before Page Six Magazine tackled this important relationship issue: the open marriage between bisexual, uber-liberated Genre (and formerly Men's Fitness) editor Neal Boulton and his equally open-minded wife, Claire. The article is called "Secrets of an Open Marriage," but the endearing Boulton, who pursues any type of publicity as fervently as he kisses hot men (like Rolling Stone editor Jan Wenner), doesn't seem like he can keep any secret for long. However!

After they separated for a time last year (and something was rumored to go down between Neal and the couple's nanny, not mentioned in the article and which Boulton denied to Page Six),

...instead of returning to work, in mid-April, Neal told friends that he was going to a hospital—but secretly, he went to rehab in Westchester for a month.

Um, "going to a hospital" is the worst excuse for going to rehab we've ever heard. What about the old "visiting an aunt in Arizona"? Anyway,

The couple say they're monogamous now and forever more. As for their kids, Neal says, "they've grown up with the children of same-sex couples. They don't know a world without bi's and gays and lesbians. Our kids understand that we have loved men and women, but that the key is love—and respect. I prefer to be open because when sexuality and sex are kept close to the vest, people start making up their own truths." After 14 years of marriage, they've stuck it out and are still going strong.

(Our most recent e-mail from Boulton, whom we've never met: "Happy Thanksgiving, hot woman.")

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