Did you know the Observer is subsidized by an illicit slush fund? It shamefully is, according to a lawsuit filed by the former president of one of the Kushner Companies. When developer Charles Kushner bought a $1.8 billion office tower, he routed $18 million back to himself as commission on the mortgage, then allegedly siphoned $5 million off that for son Jared's cash-bleeding weekly newspaper.

Just think: Kushner's investors thought their money was tucked securely into the rock-solid real estate market when really a tiny sliver of it was being sacrificed in a media bonfire so the Observer could investigate exactly why and how Park Slope moms would like to fuck Don Draper.

If that's somehow "wrong" in this topsy-turvy world then we don't want to be right. Honestly, the money probably fell out of Charles' pockets during a walk through the offices or something. When you buy a building numbered "666 5th Street," strange things are bound to happen!