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  • Bryan Adams is so famous entire families are stalking him. It's nice when parents want their children to follow in their professional footsteps! [Sun]
  • Kirsten Dunst is getting a restraining order against a man who showed up several times at her home in Hollywood and was finally citizen arrested by Dunst's assistant. [AP]
  • Uma Thurman's parents accidentally hired Ashley Dupre's sex-for-money booker. Like Dunst, Thurman has recently gone to court against an alleged stalker. Small world! [Post]
  • Paris Hilton tried to break up with Benji Madden by voicemail, not realizing he had broken up with her by voicemail an hour earlier. Appropriately pathetic! [London Paper]
  • Sad George Michael has to give away concert tickets to avoid an empty stadium in Abu Dhabi. To be fair, the men's room action is much less of a draw in the Arab Emirates venues. [Sun]
  • Kate Moss finally admitted those scratches are on her cheek had nothing to do with falling Christmas decorations; instead, her boyfriend Jamie Hince of the Kills put them there. But you should see what she did to his eye! [P6]
  • When you date a hipster bass player for 10 years, and pay his expenses the whole time, you already kinda know he's a loser. So — sorry — you're not entitled to too much righteous indignation when he kicks you out and sues you for back rent once his Raconteurs make it big. Maybe you'll listen to your friends next time! [P6]
  • After 15 years and $22 million, Axl Rose's new album isn't even number one in its opening week, because he didn't return anyone's calls for two months to do publicity and promotion for the album, because he's Axl Rose. Sigh. [Sun]