This blog has been making fun of and predicting death for Conde Nast social networking site since early 2007, when Flip was only a few months old. Our skepticism was based on the observation that the idea of spending millions of dollars building a social networking site for teen girls based on flipbooks is dumb. And now it appears that our predecessors were prescient, because Fashionista is reporting that Flip is shutting down for good on Dec. 16th. Duh. If you have more information, email us. UPDATE: It's official. The death notice sent to users is below:

Dear Flipster,

We are sorry to tell you that Flip will be closing on Tuesday, December 16.

If you have any flipbooks that you would like to save before this date, we suggest you print them. It's easy; go to the flipbook and click on the Print button just below it.

Thank you for your dedication to Flip and for making it an exceptionally creative community. Also, please visit our sister site,

Flip Staff

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