To become one of Bravo's Real Housewives, a woman typically needs two things: a fabulous mansion, and a crippling, trainwreck-tastic case of vapid self-absorption. Atlanta breakout NeNe Leakes managed to get by without the latter, telling it like it is (even when standing up to friends who contracted fake cancer at a Chili's) in a down-to-earth manner than won the heart of Anderson Cooper. Now, it looks like NeNe may be about to do without the former, too: she's been evicted! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution called to find out what happened, and NeNe gave them a typically mouthy piece of her mind:

“It’s none of your business,” she wrote. But she noted that they “are financial able [sic] and stable to live where ever we feel fits.”

NeNe, 41, wrote that the eviction notice does not have her name on it, adding “you don’t know my relationship with [her husband] Greg so be careful what you report!” [...]

On Tuesday, she wrote, “If we rent, lease purchase or buy, money is still coming out of my pocket. So who’s [sic] business is that??”

The Journal-Constitution found that NeNe's husband Greg owed $6,240 in past due rent, then informed the landlord that they would move as they were unable to afford the house anymore. NeNe, it may be time to take some of your own famous advice: close your legs to married men until Greg can get this resolved. If that doesn't work, take your case to the Coop! We hear there's a shirtless swimmer you can use as bait...