Nominees for the 51st Grammy Awards were announced. Big winners: Coldplay (seven nominations), Lil Wayne (eight nominations, white nerds are gonna flip), Jazmine Sullivan (new R&B singers gets five noms) and M.I.A., nominated for record of the year (Idolator: "!!!!!!!!"). For the latter, stock up on cave-aged gruyere for the dressing room and prepare the cameras for an ultra-close-up during any self-undermining comments from the singer about how she has so not sold out the struggle (and performance too plz?). Robbed:

No best new artist for Leona Lewis; Metallica wasn't robbed but will probably feel so with a mere three lesser nominations; Katy Perry got no top category nods despite a huge hit in "I Kissed a Girl."

Apply for your visas NOW, people! And also delay going to rehab, and also avoiding getting arrested for being high out of your mind. Because then you might not get to come to the big party and get high out of your mind!

Full list of nominations