Katelynn, the token transsexual cast member of the Real World Brooklyn, has a freaking Livejournal! We're so excited—it's called "Indigo Child Kate." As you surely remember from an old NYT trend piece, "indigo children" are especially "gifted" kids that "share traits like high I.Q., acute intuition, self-confidence, resistance to authority and disruptive tendencies, which are often diagnosed as attention-deficit disorder." Sounds about right. Queerty already reported that Katelynn recently wrote about feeling pissed and "defamed" after Gothamist took a tour of their Red Hook home. (She's gonna have a lot more to be pissed about once she sees how MTV producers edit the Real World to make everyone into the biggest douches!) What does Indigo Child Kate have to say in her online diary?

Alrighty, so my hiatus has found itself at an end; I ventured out to Brooklyn and now I have returned - that's the good news. The bad news is that I am contractually forbade from talking about my experience out there. Let me repeat that, I cannot talk about my experiences out in Brooklyn. I can (and will), however, post information as soon as I am allowed to.

Over the years this space has largely been my diary. It has also served as a path to spiritual and emotional growth, and a sounding board for socio-political issues. It has, largely, been a public domain, and I intend to keep it as such. However, due to the mass of publicity this little space is about to endure, I am privatizing a good part of my journal... For the most part, I plan to keep my journal fairly public, just being a fair bit more selective about which things get made public..


With public recognition comes public defamation; it's just part of the territory. As the next few months unfold I have prepared myself for the onslaught of vitriol, however I thought it would at least be spewed to my face... Well today I had the unfortunate experience of being interviewed by one such individual, Billy Parker from The Gothamist.

He was nice enough as he smiled and shook my hand. He listened attentively and made sure to jot down the bulk of what I was talking about, directly quoting and short-handing as necessary... then proceeded to ignore every word of what I said and reverted back to his syntactically decrepit castigation of me and my fellow interviewees... I know that as time progresses I will need to become more thick-skinned, yet it still irritates me that someone can smile so sweetly to your face before sharply pressing their blade to your throat the instant your back is turned.

Damn, Billy Parker. You pressed a knife blade to her throat?! Um, this is all that Gothamist wrote about Katelynn: "There isn't one New Yorker in the bunch—but this season features the first transgender (and the token Mormon, Iraq vet and gay dolphin trainer, naturally)."

Seriously, Katelynn really doesn't like media: she's the one responsible for the hysterical "I don't talk to the fucking press!" screaming/shoving match with the NY Press. With all this media-hating, why sign on to have cameras document your every mood for four months in the first place?

[Photo: via Gothamist]