Remember Back in 2002, a young blondie NYC lass in major credit-card trouble posted an online plea for donations towards her "cause"—crowdsourcing her debt solution, as it were. The Observer certainly remembers: "Ms. Bosnak parlayed her moment of internet 'fame' into a book called Save Karyn and then a novel titled 20 Times a Lady." That second book was about the lady exploring her sexual "quota" and bednotches and what it all meant as she searched for Mr. Right—Who Also Has To Have Money, Too, Obviously. And now it has been optioned for a movie. God help us. Starring the impossibly bubbly Anna Faris, who is just so cheerful and cute that we want to stab her! [Vulture] I mean, how could you go wrong with a film adaptation, given this review on the book's Amazon page:

I picked this book up at Gatwick before flying to the US and it was the perfect read for a 9 hour flight - I read it from cover to cover. At times, the dialogue can be slightly clanky but there are some touchingly accurate n profound observations as well that more than balance out the book. Ms Bosnak handles my late twenties crisis really well!