Neither the White House nor Barbra Streisand were much inclined to release a proper photo of the beloved entertainer kissing beloved soon-to-be-former president Bush at the Kennedy Center Honors yesterday, so America will have to make due with these scattered pictures of the smiles they left behind. [Update: You can no cllick to watch the video!] The singer's name itself has long been shorthand for everything wrong and out-of-touch about Hollywood Liberals, while Bush is, as we all know, like Hitler but worse. How much worse? Oh, it's all too painful to remember. Good thing we can just look up some of her best anti-Bush statements on the Google and present them to you, below.

Here's Babs performing in 2006 in Philadelphia. There is a funny skit, about how Bush is a moron. Comedy! (This skit was directed by Sidney Pollack.) (No, it wasn't.)

Man, can you believe she kissed that guy? Now James Brolin is going to kick the president's ass.