Ooh, the city of Chicago is seedy and corrupt again! The Chicago Tribune has gone ruined and bankrupt, giving the city a sense of anarchic lawlessness. And now the governor of Illinois (who, yes, I know, actually holds office down south in Springfield) was just arrested for some shady Chicago-style political dealings. It's like a new Depressiony gangster era all over again! And hey, a big new movie that depicts that depraved Chicago of the past (and present!) is already filming (plus a movie about Al Capone foe Eliot Ness once he moves to Cleveland). It certainly won't be the first film of its kind, though. After the jump take a look at clips of some past films that illustrate the gritty Windy City of yesteryear, and offer us a vision of the city's downward spiral that's begun anew.

Scarface, 1932

The Public Enemy, 1936

The Sting, 1973

The Untouchables, 1987

Chicago, 2002