Do you have a question for Barack Obama? Sure you do! Barack Obama has a thing on his website where you can ask questions of him and the transition and, eventually, his administration. Of course, many politicians have these easily ignored comments sections for questions, on their sites, but this one is different: it's got Digg-style voting! So far there are 78,934 votes on 1,192 questions, and the winner is a lame softball along the lines of "what will you do to establish transparency and eliminate waste and how warm and nice, exactly, will the hug you give all of America be, once you're in office?" Surely the internet can "crowdsource" some better questions than that.

Like there isn't a single listicle, or celebrity nipple! Not one of the questions is about Battlestar Galactica! (Well, we only read like three questions. Maybe some of them are about Battlestar Galactica.)

Remember, thanks to the voting system, the top, like four questions will be hard to brush off entirely. So basically all of you clowns should agree on a ridiculous question and then coordinate an effort to get it on the front page, like Gawker does with its "funny videos" posts. Make sure it's "Diggable!" ("Diggable" means "stupid.")