Fred Armisen finally did a politician impersonation that made everyone laugh! But immediately someone was offended: New York Gov. David Paterson went after the Saturday Night Live cast member for mocking the disabled.

Paterson's flack told the Post, "this... skit unfortunately chose to ridicule people with physical disabilities and imply that disabled people are incapable of having jobs with serious responsibilities." The Federation for the Blind is pissed too.

As is the Post writer, it would seem: He referred to SNL's "joke" using scare quotes and noted that "although Paterson is legally blind and has aides help him with some tasks, the governor is rarely out of step with his surroundings," unlike in the skit, where he can't properly shake hands or navigate the studio.

But! The story started with this punny lede, probably written by an editor:

Anyway, Paterson is probably at least as angry about the references to his cocaine use and infidelity — and the funny Richard Pryor line, included in the excerpts video above — as he is about the easy shots at his visual impairment. Walk-on guest appearance in 3, 2...

(Full-length video of the Paterson bit is attached to the Post story.)