Ahh, Rex Sorgatz and Neal Boulton! We've teased microfame expert Rexie for "forgetting his Internet safeword" while we flogged him a while back, and the endearing pansexual Genre editor Boulton for being a pussy/publicity hound.

However, they'll be happy to tell you their sexploits themselves: they'll be reading at the In the Flesh's True Sex Confessions series this Thursday at the now-nightclub but former "massage" parlor Happy Ending in Manhattan at 8, the same place where "Love guv" Spitzer partied with Slate earlier this week.

Also, "Neal Boulton's wife, Claire, will also be in the audience, and it's her birthday." Those two have an open marriage, as they happily told Page Six Magazine. (We saw Boulton's former makeout buddy, Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, in an Upper West Side Starbucks this Sunday.)

Update from Neal: "you forgot to mention that claire will have her hot girlfriend with her, and I will have my 21 year old boy toy with me and we will all be nude. :-) "

We'll be there with bells on.