United by ignominy, former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget has forgiven Eliot Spitzer, the prosecutor who cost him his job. And he's getting softer on him by the day.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Blodget explains why he voted for Spitzer in his run for governor of New York, even though he "disagreed" with the "conclusions" of Spitzer's investigation of the dotcom stock bubble. (Before he found fame as a call girl fan, Spitzer led a series of prosecutiuons against Wall Street abuses, which ended up with Blodget barred from working on Wall Street.) What Blodget said on TV:

The world needs people with that amount of chutzpah to come in and take on everybody. And so, I actually got to the point where I voted for him for Governor because I wanted to see what would happen when you took that personality and that force for change into Albany.

Blodget talks about his "respect" for Spitzer. Which is already a marked difference from what he wrote in his Silicon Alley Insider blog two weeks ago:

A year or so after the Martha Stewart trial, Eliot dropped by a Slate event before launching his run for governor. I met him in the buffet line.

ME (napkin roll in hand, flustered to suddenly find myself in the presence of my Destroyer): Hi, Eliot, Henry Blodget, good to meet you. You made my life a bit rough there for a while!

ELIOT: (3,000-watt smile): That's my job!

(Yes, he was charming. And I respected a lot of what he had done. I even voted for the bastard.)

So which is it, Henry? Do you respect Spitzer, like you told Bloomberg? Or is he your "Destroyer" and a "bastard"? Remember, Spitzer landed you in a heap of trouble the last time for just this kind of doubletalk.