This clip of Tom Cruise on David Letterman later tonight, in which he laughs about his fear of psychiatry and his insane, megalomaniacal tendencies, is one piece in a set: Scientology Prince asserts normalcy.

Everyone thought Cruise was a crazy Scientologist, because that's how he had acted with Oprah (jumping on her couch); Matt Lauer (calling him "glib) and in that leaked Scientology recruiting video.

Cruise's attempt at redemption started with a conciliatory lunch with Sumner Redstone, the Viacom CEO who had canceled his contract because he was acting nuts. It continued through with a carefully-constructed, well-received impersonation of Redstone in the movie "Tropic Thunder."

"This might usher in a new era for the strange, secretive actor," the Observer wrote.

Next thing you know, he was on Oprah Winfrey's show again. He still seemed sorta crazy.

Then he was back with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, kinda-but-not-really apologizing for calling Lauer "glib" in a fight about psychiatry. Cruise still seemed to hate psychiatry. And sorta crazy.

Tonight he's on Letterman, reading this Top Ten list and being a good sport about Scientology-related items like the "Vicks Vaporub" and the "power-mad" ones.

But you know what? He still seems creepy and crazy.