Oh, hey, look, it's Barack Obama, being elitist and hating America, during a depression. Prepare to see this photo of the president-elect playing golf throughout the right-wing media, and probably everywhere.

President Bush bravely gave up golf to show his willingness to sacrifice for the war, while sending thousands of soldiers to their deaths. But Barry Hussein couldn't even give up one round during his vacation in in exotic "Hawaii" Sunday, since he's a self-indulgent caviar socialist.

Bush, of course, vacationed constantly, pretty much for his entire presidency. He even broke the record, by a lot. During one of his early vacations, he read a memo titled "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike the U.S.," told his CIA briefer, "All right, you've covered your ass now," and played some golf at his country club (see last link).

And Bush was duly ridiculed. Michael Moore used a shot of Bush taking a golf swing, in which the president said, of terrorists and his game respectively, "Bring 'em on... now watch this drive."

Obama isn't seen as lazy or glib. The president-elect launched a vigorous transition effort, including Change.gov and appointing his entire, highly confirm-able cabinet. He gets high marks, even from Republicans.

So he's earned a vacation!

But golf is still seen as an aristocratic sport. And finding an angle on this Obama round is too easy: Look! The president is playing golf! While the economy is in the toilet. And people are being laid off. How could he??

Sad to say, but Obama should have either picked a different way to unwind, or found one of those non-public courses where the press corps can't follow.

(Pictures: Getty)