Barack Obama's Hawaiian retinue is getting showered with gifts from the locals as he enjoys his last pre-White House vacation on Oahu. Even the press corps is getting goodies — more than they expected!

Buried at the end of a Politico report on the Obama-inspired largesse:

But Obama and his family aren’t the only ones on the receiving end of holiday cheer. The neighbors in Kailua put out tables and chairs outside for the reporters following him to sit on, rather than stay cooped up in the pool bus.

They have also opened their homes to reporters who have needed to use the bathroom.

One neighbor put out a table of snacks and board games for pool reporters on Christmas morning.

Gillan even added something for reporters in her gift bag: oatmeal, cranberry and raisin cookies.

Reporters cheered [Oahu resident Joy] Gillan as [Obama aide Katie] Lillie, once again fielding unsolicited gifts, brought the cookies onto the pool bus. They tore into the plastic bags and began enjoying the cookies.

Then Reuters photographer Hugh Gentry looked into the goodie bag and informed the pool that a live cockroach was at the bottom. Pool reporters stopped eating the cookies and dispersed of their remnants immediately.