Yesterday we thought we knew! But the chipmunky gal pal of series star Whitney continues to elude us. There are several different possible identities. Which one is true?

We thought it was this girl Erin Williams a cold-hearted black widow daughter of AC/DC who went to NYU. A tipster, always the most reliable source of information, told us it was her and sent us photos to proves it.

But then... Oh Jesus I don't know what happened, but all of these commenters started saying that they were Erin Williams and that the show's creator Adam Divello had contacted them about being on the show. Because Whitney knew someone in New York named Erin Williams or something?

But then we were also told that Erin Williams, the one on the show not the one who kept talking about herself in our comments section to promote her and her friends' blog, was actually named Erin Lucas and did stuff for MTV in the past. And then someone else, also trying to peddle their website space, told us that Erin Williams—the supposed one from the show!—didn't go to NYU at all, but rather Ohio prep college known as Miami of Ohio University of Miami in horrible, ruined southern Florida.

And then everyone started saying nasty things about how people look and spelling leprechaun wrong and linking to Friendster for fuck's sake and I just got sad.

So who the fuck knows!

There are like 18 Erin Williams/Lucases! Don't you care so much?

All we know is that we're wont to believe the one who isn't trying to hype their shit. Which is the person who tipped us in the first place. So there.

(Also: Concerned friends! Samir Mehta is not the tipster! So you can stop yelling at him! It's also "not Shaun"! Whatever that means! I hate NYU kids!)