The identity of the supporting star of the new reality shitshow The City was such a mystery! Until we got the best email ever.

Subject: yes I am emailing you this at 8pm on new year's

BECAUSE I'm stuck at work for another half hour. FYI, nothing to do in news research. Everyone left the building at 2pm, it is a ghost town and for once the lobby isn't filled with assholes blocking my way to the F train and Yummy Sushi.

Point: Watching The City on to keep myself from gauging eyes out until I can get out of here,
and they have the second episode up- at 4:09 there is a shot of Erin and Whitney talking on the couch in Erin's apt.,
a photo of her as a tot next to dad, Cliff Williams. Case settled, happy 2009.

So her name might be Erin Lucas these days—a nom de plume she uses for her socialiting—and she may have gone to school in Miami, not at NYU, but she IS the daughter of that AC/DC guy. Like definitively. Best Week Ever looked into the future and agreed with this post on Monday. So that's something. Right?