Today we just have lots of stuff about hookers. It's sort of sad, really. Oh and something about bad breath.

1) "Which pothead actor is seeking refuge for harder drugs in a NYC rehab center? The toker couldn’t quite kick the nose-candy habit." [NYDN]

2) "Which paunchy Hollywood star, with a taste for eastern European hookers, makes his poor overworked PA book him different girls every day of the week during trips abroad?" [MIrror]

3) "'Hey aren't you?' There have been a rash of sightings and I use the term rash here as a caution to all people to not engage in unprotected sex with workers of the sex industry. Anyway, the rash of sightings took place over a two day period. Who was being seen and what were they doing? Well it turns out this A list country singer might have been enjoying the absence of his wife because for two days there were sightings of our singer picking up women who make their living on the streets. At least three times over a 48 hour period our singer cruised around in his very recognizable car and picked up women for about 20 minutes of fun. Now, I don't know if he was just not getting any at home or if he wanted to give his wife a very special Christmas present that could not be returned." [CDaN]

4) "Which female singer has halitosis bad enough to take the paint off the walls? There were so many complaints about the singer’s bad breath that the choreographer actually had to rearrange the blocking during her performances so that the singer wasn’t face to face or sharing the mic with any other person on stage. Since she doesn’t seem to get the hint when offered breath mints or gum, the singer’s friends and fellow performers are half-joking about staging an intervention." [BlindGossip]