Sad struggling businessmen can no longer afford to spend thousands on strippers at Scores. Instead, they're spending hundreds to have an ex-stripper from Scores hypnotize them. For business success! Really now:

Selena Valentine parlayed her stripping career into a book deal (How to Date an Exotic Dancer, natch) and a media career (hosting Naked News, natch), so she is a business expert, okay. Also she knows how to hypnotize people, apparently. Now business guys from all over pay her to help get them in the "Millionaire Mindset":

She sees an average of three clients a day, each paying $100 for their hourlong sessions.

"I get mostly business professionals," she said. "They come in wanting to reach their financial goals, but once they see how wonderful hypnosis is, they want help with other things, like smoking."

Like smoking BREASTS maybe, ha. I'm pretty sure one way not to reach your financial or marital goals is by frequently visiting Selena Valentine. [NYP]