Internet-based anti-Scientology group Anonymous, after absorbing several months of (ongoing) hounding from "Church" officials, is back on the attack! Their goals may be vague, but you have to admire their moxie. And vandalism.

For one thing, they've been sending us a bunch of emails in the last couple of weeks. So allow us to give you an update on various activities! (Note: "Anonymous" is only a "group" in the self-declared sense and anybody or nobody can be a member as they wish, apparently, so this is more a list of random Scientology things lately).

  • A tipster told us MTV was running ads from this creepy "Way to Happiness" site, on TV, obviously to brainwash your children into becoming Tom Cruise.
  • There was "a proposed ordinance that will effectively ban picketing at Scientology's Gold Base in Hemet, California." An attorney wrote a long, long letter against, talking all about why it is a bad proposal, and Scientology is corrupt. Lord it's long! Wanna read it all? Go here and do so, then!
  • Scientology has allegedly had hundreds of anti-them videos pulled from YouTube. Fight them, says Anonymous!
  • A former Scientologist sued the "Church" for "Slave labor." Ha, whoa.
  • People are using Jett Travolta's death as an opportunity to decry Scientology's philosophy on medicine, in videos like this.

Of course all of that pales in comparison to the brave teenage Anonymous member who ran up in the NYC Scientology center this week and smeared Vaseline "laced with toenail clippings and pubic hair" all over everything, while videotaping himself. Uh... huh. Fight the power?