Olivia Palermo's cousin, Nevan Donahue, the hooker-soliciting costar of The City, keeps doing sad, trashy things. Like crapping out on a hotel bill. And having an embarrassing $50 limit on his credit card.

That's what Page Six told us this morning, anyway. He jetted out of Miami last week, leaving behind an unpaid $1,450 bill at the Riviera South Beach hotel. And they had even comped one night! When the front desk tried to charge the credit card number he'd given them, they learned that there was a $50 maximum on that particular card. He hasn't yet replied to the hotel with a new form of payment.

So let's add this up: he wears green rhinestone-encrusted belts, white cheetah shirts, and shiny black underoos. He walks around with Oxycontin in his pockets. He has a Baby's First Credit Card™. And he apparently has a complete inability to act like a fucking grownup whenever he's in Miami. We can forgive the drug stuff as youthful idiocy, but dodging hotel payments and giving them basically phony credit cards, after you've been outed as a hookerbeej-seeking jackass, and been on three episodes of truly terrible, high-gloss reality television programming, is just unforgivably low-rent. MTV had better phase him out of the show or else it'll have no credibility whatsoever.