Poor Bill Clinton. Everything he says and does is picked over for proof of raging ego, jealousy, resentment, and general craziness. Of course, sometimes he delivers!

He did try to be gracious in describing Obama's speech. He also invented a wonderful new word!

“I thought he had some particularly moving lines in there. It was a really good speech,” Mr. Clinton said, adding that the blend of domestic and global challenges were “encapsulized well.” He used that word -– encapsulized, which cannot be quickly located in a dictionary -– several times.

Ok, sure, Bill. Encapsulized. He still does the slight undermining things, of course: the speech was "very well delivered, obviously." Obama is the first African-American president, did you know? But mainly he was just happy to tell Jeff Zeleny all of his thoughts on this speech, in his new made-up language, and as his aides attempted pulled him away "Mr. Clinton lingered to talk a little while longer."

One guy Bill was not excited to talk to, though: Jimmy Carter. Apparently they haven't been on speaking terms since 1980! Democrats, man.

Photo: AP