There were stories of Patti LuPone, legendary Broadway star, yelling at an audience member in the middle of a performance of Gypsy because he or she was taking pictures. Well, now there's audio.

"Who do you think you aaarrree??" she bellows at the poor theatre fan, stopping mid-song in what is probably the crowning role of her career. The audience is totally on her side, clapping and cheering, which is understandable. For one thing, it is completely obnoxious to be distractingly taking pictures in a dark theater while actors pour blood and sweat on the stage floor. And, also, Patti sounds just so damn terrifying that I'd probably have shot the guy if she'd told me to. She gets the audience member booted by security, then sallies forth. It's amazing. And scary. Scary amazing. [Daily Musto]