Marisa Tomei, j'accuse! After claiming to have dozed through the Golden Globe nominations, the Wrestler actress pulled the exact same card today for the Oscar shortlist. Which other nominees feigned ignorance?

Here's a roundup of the Great Pretenders (with one reality check thrown in at the end):

“The best thing is that it was my best friend from New York who called and told me. She was so happy, she was crying and I’m like, ‘What has happened?”
— Marisa Tomei, supporting actress, The Wrestler

“It’s delightfully surprising. I had no expectations. A very close friend called me, as I had no idea it was televised."
— Melissa Leo, actress, Frozen River

“It’s weird, a big surprise. You learn not to have expectations. My son-in-law called and then the phone started ringing."
— Richard Jenkins, actor, The Visitor

“I was at a midnight screening last night here at Sundance and was up until 3 a.m. I was sound asleep and then a little shell-shocked when the calls started coming in."
— Michael Shannon, supporting actor, Revolutionary Road

“I was sleeping, because that’s my technique, and I just got it on my phone when I turned it on.”
— Gus Van Sant, director, Milk

“I was awoken by the news. I’m in New York, but a late riser.”
— Martin McDonagh, original screenplay, In Bruges

"I'm a nocturnal worker so because of that I go to sleep with all my phones turned off. I saw a text message saying `congratulations' and I wrote back asking `for what?' True to form for me, I thought the Oscar nominations were tomorrow.''
— Danny Elfman, original score, Milk

"Why wouldn't I be good? Anybody who tells you they were sleeping is a liar."
— Eric Roth, adapted screenplay, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button