Everything in life can be divided up into those three categories, essentially. This week we have a new Grubman baby, possible deaths of institutions, and the beginnings and endings of marriage.

  • Births: SUV stunt driver and PR lady Lizzie Grubman gave birth to a son, Jack, yesterday. He was weighed, had his claws banded, and was taken to the nearest Legal Seafoods. [Page Six]
  • Deaths: Not an actual death, thankfully, but Samantha Who?—the should be a lot more charming than it is Christina Applegate sitcom—has been put on indefinite hold. It's replacement? 2-hour episodes of The Bachelor. [RI] Higher education might be dying with everything else. Brandeis Univeristy, outside of Boston, is discussing cutting faculty and increasing class size. [US News]
  • Marriages: Ohh, what a hip couple! Fred Armisen, the strange-character-maker Saturday Night Live actor, is engaged to Mad Men actress (currently starring on B'way in Speed-the-Mercury-Poisoning) Elisabeth Moss. M.Ward will perform the ceremony and then everyone will go for corndogs and Vinho Verde in some abandoned factory along the Gowanus canal, strung up with white Christmas tree lights. [Us] And another marriage ends. Kelly Rutherford, the beaming angel mother Lily on Gossip Girl, has won the right to take her child to and fro while filming her show in New York and dissolving her marriage in Los Angeles. [Us]