Either John Travolta has evil friends, or everyone who spoke publicly about Jett Travolta's death is being rounded up. The star's lawyers say three Bahamians wanted $20 million in exchange for not making "false claims."

The three arrested are a Bahamian tourism minister who palled around with John Travolta, the ambulance driver who witnessed the star's last words to his dying son Jett, and a local politician, all charged with extortion.

Travolta's lawyers revealed that they were pursuing extortion charges against two suspects. But there are now three who are alleged to have been a part of the plot.

Obie Wilchcombe, a former minister of tourism for the island nation, was a "very close friend of the Travolta family," according to TMZ, and went on Larry King Live to describe Travolta's grief and details of funeral arrangements.

Tarino Lightbourne, part of the emergency crew summoned to the Travoltas' condo in an attempt to revive Jett after he was found unconscious the morning of January 2, told Inside Edition that Travolta's last words to his son were, "I'm sorry, Jett."

The third is Pleasant Bridgewater, a senator in the Bahamian parliament.

The lawyers said that the extortion was for making "false claims." But yesterday, WENN, an entertainment newswire, carried a report that the pair were trying to sell a photograph of the dying Jett taken in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

(Photo of Wilchcomb via TMZ, Lightbourn via Inside Edition)