As the screenwriter/actor behind School of Rock, Nacho Libre, and Chuck & Buck, Mike White's oeuvre has always lacked one thing: rattlesnake stings on the soundtrack. Now, where he's going, that won't be a problem.

White, you see, has been revealed to be amongst the players on the upcoming 14th season of The Amazing Race, where he will be competing alongside his father, Mel, the founder of the gay rights group Soulforce. Here's an excerpt from the official blurb on the team, which ventures increasingly into "who knew?" territory:

Mel, a gay-rights activist, has worked as a writer, professor, filmmaker and a pastor and is eager to have a once in a lifetime experience with his youngest child. He’s confident that his people skills will give him an advantage over some of the other Racers. He describes himself as energetic, caring and passionate and enjoys scuba diving and racquetball. When asked who he would model his style of game play after, he pointed to Season 7 winners Uchenna and Joyce, while Mike will model his game play after the "never say die" attitude of Charla and Mirna.

We have a lot of questions after this, but mostly we wonder which angle the notoriously reductive Amazing Race editors will choose to preface every White voice-over with. Will we hear a clumsily-edited "As a Hollywood screenwriter...I decided we should skip the Fast Forward," or, "As a bisexual man with a gay father...I cannot stand those Blondes!"