Tuesday is a great day for a media column: The NYT's Stuart Elliott will not be stonewalled, hipster lady mag Missbehave stops printing, and Yahoo should either fund quality journalism or Gawker's next party.

A tipster tells us that NYT advertising reporter Stuart Elliott "stormed out" of a Pepsi press conference this morning. "In a huff," no less! The press conference was supposed to be about Pepsi's Super Bowl ads, but the company was acting cagey, "and finally he was like, you invited us down here to preview your super bowl ads for us and now you won't even show them," and out he went, our tipster says! This is just reason #1,346 why you don't fuck with Stuart Elliott. He is a delightful man (Reason #267). Stu, if you'd like to give us your account, we're all ears. [UPDATE: Stuart emails to say, "did not storm out. was told the event would last an hour or so (10-11 am) and as a result had scheduled a meeting back at the office at noon with some other super bowl advertisers for an interview. as the pepsico event went on and on and on, got anxious, so when it finally ended at noon-ish i ran out to make my meeting...ended up almost 30 minutes late, much to my dismay."]

Aw, first Mass Appeal goes online only, and now its sister Brooklyn mag Missbehave is going the same way. This is actually much better than permanently folding, so you shouldn't be too sad, unless you are, like, a female Bushwick tattoo artist who believes computers are evil. Which is to say, a member of the third largest demographic in Bushwick.

There's a lot of media "chatter" about a comical suggestion by an analyst that it would be a good move for Yahoo to buy either the New York Times, or Gawker Media. Is Yahoo prepared to make the monetary commitment necessary to ensure the Times can continue to produce its vital international coverage, which is ever more important to our democracy in this age of shrinking foreign bureaus and growing US military commitments abroad? Or, alternately, to buy a new jacuzzi for our rooftop parties? Yea, I didn't think so. Come back when you're ready to support real journalism, Yahoo.

Village Voice Media has decided to stop running syndicated cartoons like This Modern World in all of its papers, to cut costs. So then everybody starts in with the typical whine of "There goes the last reason to pick up your crappy paper!" But since they've also fired all the writers, in this case, that whine is true.

Tracey O'Shaughnessy, a reporter from Connecticut, won an award last August from the Missouri School of Journalism. The prize was $1,000, but she hasn't received anything, all these months later! "Should I keep asking? I feel really churlish doing so," she writes to Romenesko. Don't worry about that, Tracey; shame is the only way to get deadbeats to pay up, so keep on yelling, which reminds me, Neal Boulton does not pay freelancers.