The rumor is that Jason Wu, the hot young designer of Michelle Obama's inauguration dress, was upset that the New York Times outed him in a story. But was he really "in?"

Jezebel reported that Wu said that a Times profile that mentioned his boyfriend essentially outed him to some of his extended family. Maybe. But it seems that him being gay wasn't much of a secret outside of that. Ex-Village Voice nightlife personage Tricia Romano dug up this pic of Wu in 2006 with noted tranny Amanda Lepore at an AIDS benefit. And only gays hang out with Amanda Lepore at AIDS benefits! Actually not, so this post is basically just a good reason to show you her photo of Amanda Lepore and Jason Wu, Michelle Obama's designer. He's on the rise!

[Pop and Politics. Wu was reportedly making some sort of replica dolls of Lepore at this benefit, which is strange regardless of sexual orientation.]