George Bush Sr. told a joke about the "ugliest woman I've ever seen," who he'd never screw. Bill Clinton passive-aggressively called him out with a "joke" of his own.

Bush's little story, about an abortion-rights protester, won him Wonkette's fiercely-contested "Pig of the Day" award, a selection we wholeheartedly endorse. But the old guy isn't running for anything, and seems to have given up on any other Bush being president, ever again, so what does he care?

Bill Clinton then said, "could you imagine what would happen if I told that joke up here?" It's kind of a joke about Clinton's horndog image, but really a slap at Bush for being a terrible sexist. In other words, about as far as he can go and still keep the peace at those awkward all-president events.

Video at top via YouTube.